Saturday, 22 June 2013

Writing Updates, and Penpal/First Reader Love

This summer has been full of ups and downs. I'm still searching for a job, since university won't pay itself, and I'm trying to have faith that God will provide in His good timing. So I'll attempt to relax and embrace the chance to immerse myself in my writing.

Being jobless, for example, is one of the reasons I've been able to complete the first drafts of two novellas for the Five Glass Slippers Contest held by Rooglewood Press--one, right now dubbed The Voice in the Laurel Tree, combines the Cinderella story with Moses and the Burning Bush. I wrote it in a three-day sprint that sucked me dry and yet left me elated. Sometimes writing reminds me of a sport--you train and train and train, then when the moment comes you rush through the race and are left drained yet soaring through a personal high.

The other novella (right now called Until Midnight) tells the story from the stepsister's point-of-view, but not in the conventional fashion you might expect. Let's just say there's no 'fairy godmother' in this one. ;)

Both of these stories tested me in different ways and I'm proud of them for different reasons. But they're far from finished--I've sent them to friends to give me feedback. 

One of my dearest and closest friends--my penpal from America--is always so quick and thorough and wonderful with her advice. She's been with me since almost the beginning, when I actually took my writing seriously. She's my biggest cheerleader and my emotional support, and if I ever get published she will get a dedication and she will be included in every single acknowledgements page I ever write. She's that awesome. You writers out there, if you ever are blessed with people of Encouragement, don't take them for granted. They are the people you write for, the people who make it worthwhile. They are the reason behind the words. Shower them with love and never let them feel unheard.