The times are changing. Winter is coming....

In Gerda's land, the springs and summers are slipping away, replaced by winters that last longer each year. And children go missing. As the crops begin to fail and cold takes over, hysteria builds. People like Gerda--half-human, half-winter fey, are targeted and hunted down.

As a young girl, Gerda takes shelter with a compassionate young boy named Kai and his grandmother. But as they grow older, Gerda's longing to find a home of her own, where she can live in harmony, clashes with Kai's desire to venture out into the world and face the danger that is threatening his world. When he is captured by the Snow Queen and dragged into the world of Angsprig, Gerda follows.

Little does she know that she has stepped right into the middle of a battle. A battle that will force her to choose between the family she yearns for and the future that awaits.

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