Twelve years ago, the rebellion that tried to overthrow the Russak monarchy ended, and with it everything Anya knew. Her father, part of the head of the revolution, became one of the most hated men in Russak. The monarchists that won the war were determined to hunt him down, so, with his young daughter in tow, he fled the country.

But unrest still reigns. Years later, Anya and her childhood friend have decided to continue their fathers' legacy and lead the common people out of the ashes. To help conduct the conspiracy, Anya goes undercover in the royal palace. But after one of the nobles involved is discovered and executed, rumours begin to circle of a traitor in their midst—someone playing both sides. And this time, if the Revolution fails, there is little hope Anya's vision will ever come to pass.

As tension builds, Anya also befriends the prince and princess of the nation. But their very birth spells them out for death, and when the time comes for the revolution to strike, Anya must make a choice—

Between legacy and love, father and friendship, past and future. The choice she makes will not only affect the fate of her country, but that of the entire world.



Book Three: ASHES FALL


Watch my blog for more information to come regarding characters, worldbuilding, and the rest of the journey! It is my hope and prayer to one day share this story with all of you!