Saturday, 7 September 2013

Liebster Award Nominations

Grace at Fictionally nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thanks, Grace!

There are a few rules to be followed upon accepting this award and they include:
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Now, onto the questions!

1. If you could visit any book/movie world, what would it be?

Probably Narnia. It means so many things for me, and will most likely remain my favourite book series for all time. As a child, it brought me joy, and as a young adult, it reminds me to keep holding onto hope and trust and faith, even if the world scorns you for it.

2. Favorite genre(historical, contemporary, fantasy...) ?

Fantasy. Right now I prefer my fantasy with less of the fantastical--more political intrigue, with just a dash of mystery and romance. I find historical-based fantasy really interesting, as it usually explores how large events affect tiny people. But maybe that's just because that's the sort of book I'm writing right now. :P

3. Do like to buy books or borrow them from the library?

I admit I am far too inclined to buy books. I'm teaching myself to borrow from the library more often in order to save money.

4. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

I would go back to when dinosaurs and mammoths and all those wonderful, extinct creatures walked the earth. As a Creationist, I believe they co-existed with mankind and I honestly would have loved to see that--and have a pet dino. :D

5. When it comes to snack food, do your prefer salty or sweet?

Sweet. Anything with chocolate, caramel.... sweet-and-sour candies are also a favourite.

6. Where is one place you would like to visit?

The British Isles, which I actually hope to see happen within the next two years, thanks to an opportunity my university gives its students for travelling abroad.

7. Book store or online shopping for books?

Both. I like the cheapness of online shopping, but nothing beats going into the bookstore and sniffing books. They smell divine.

8. Do covers influence you to read/not read, some books?

Definitely. If there's some questionable content on the cover, I will most likely fight the urge to burn it to a crisp. But if a cover feels too cheap--even if the book within may be lovely--I assume the author didn't want to put as much effort into making it presentable, so why should I bother with the effort of reading it? Very harsh, I know, and I'm attempting to become less snobbish.

9.  Which do you prefer, series or stand alone books?

It depends. I like to buy stand-alones because then I'm not forced to buy more when I reach a cliff-hanger ending. But some series are written to be a bunch of stand-alones, which I appreciate. And if a series is so well written.... well, good art speaks for itself.

10. If you had to get rid of one of your favorite book from your book shelf, which one would it be?

GET RID OF IT? NEVERRR!!! Lol, if I had to SHARE one book from my book shelf--other than the Bible, of course--I think I would want to share C.S. Lewis' Til We Have Faces. It's one of those books that you have to re-read and think about. It breaks your heart and forces you to confront your own character faults. It also has a lot to say about truth, even in the guise of a myth's retelling. I could go on and on about it, but I won't. I don't want to spoil it for you.


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