Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Favourite Movies

Clara tagged me in this fun meme about one's favourite movies. So I'm going to pick the ones that aren't as obvious (like Lord of the Rings or Narnia). In no particular order:

1.) Beauty and the Beast

I love this movie so much that when the latest 2-DVD special edition came out, I bought it right away, without waiting for its price to drop. I've seen it so many times. I love this fairy tale--the music, the characters, the hope, the love that truly conquers all. It's a bonus that one of the principal animators--Glen Keane--is a Christian.

2.) Tangled

What can I say? This was a hit when it came out, and continues to be. I can't count how many times I've seen this movie. It was the go-to movie for Friday and Saturday nights in my dorm at university. The music, the humour, Eugene/Flynn--everything about the story rocked. And I just learned today that Zachary Levi, the voice of Flynn, is a Christian. Whoop!

3.) The Princess Bride

Need I say more? I think this movie is the most quotable movie of all time. It takes everything I like about fairy tales and subverts them. This movie is satire at its best--fun, light, and frothy. Something sweet to buoy your spirits when you're down--to make you believe in love while laughing along the way.

4.) Stardust

This movie is so epic. The music gives me chills, and Tristan and Yvaine's love story makes me sigh. While it's definitely NOT for a younger audience and has some things I could do without, it's the story's central theme--that love can conquer the most evil of magic--that makes this movie worth it for me every single time.  *sigh* It takes the magic of fairy tales and combines it with the grit of real life. The journey to love is never easy, and Tristan's journey from annoying little man to a hero willing to die to save his beloved.... *sigh* (I've got to stop doing that!)

5.) Shrek

These movies are what I watch when I want to laugh. While some of the jokes and language in the first two movies made me frown every now and then, this is a series where each movie gets better and becomes even more family-friendly. You watch this snappish, isolated ogre grow from a selfish beast to an ogre in love to a father. Shrek's journey is so complete and relatable--and this series is supposed to 'simply' be subverted fairy tales! There is so much depth and nuance to these characters--LOVE.

6.) Anastasia

I have a Russian/Ukrainian background, and when I was younger I always used to daydream that I was somehow descended from Anastasia--that she truly had survived and I was part of her legacy. I laugh at myself now, but this movie still holds a deep place in my heart. For a cartoon, the romance is so well developed, the music is chilling, and the story full of emotion. Anya is one of my favourite movie heroines ever--tough, sassy, but with a heart of gold and a longing to belong. And it isn't magic that wins the day against the villain--it's her love for her family and a certain someone who has stolen her heart along the way. ;) I have this on DVD and am planning on watching it until it falls apart.

7.) The Sound of Music

"....and whiskers on kittens; brown paper packages tied up with string--these are a few of my favourite things! When the dog bites! When the bee stings! When I'm feeling sad.... I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feel.... soooo baaaddd!!!"


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