Thursday, 29 May 2014

When You Can't Go Home...

For many students, summer has arrived, and I am no exception. However, this summer has promised to be far different than any other I have ever experienced. 

First of all, I am not returning home to work. Instead, I am working at my university as a janitor and I live fifteen minutes down the road from the institution where I already spent eight long months learning. The shift from going home to staying where I am was grueling at first, and there were many tears. But thanks to some sound advice from Anne Elisabeth Stengl, I have a new attitude going into this adventure.

Secondly, I am still in school for another month. In addition to working full time, I have a night class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings--Philosophy and Superhero Mythology. Interesting stuff, but also very expensive textbooks.

Thirdly, I am preparing to leave Canada. In the spring of 2015, I will be attending Oxford University in England for a semester abroad. This will be my first time in an airplane, and I am so, so excited. And terrified. I plan on posting many pictures from my journey here on the blog.

Before that, however, the summer promises other adventures. A few weeks ago, a friend and I attended The Lion King musical in Toronto, then drove all the way to Ohio to see MercyMe in concert. It was an amazing few days full of highways and blasting music and jamming. 

Oh, and I dyed my hair! I used to be a rather "dirty" blond, and now I'm...

...rather red.
And this was in a GORGEOUS old church friends and I visited.
I was pretending to sing.
My hair right now is actually more of an orange-copper colour, since it's fading.

I'm slowly getting back into the writing groove after months of writer's block and general dissatisfaction. I am privy to the theme of Anne Elisabeth Stengl's newest Fairy Tale Collection Contest, and am working on brainstorming for it. The rest of you will be in the know in just a few short days. All I can say is--prepare to be EXCITED.

I hope all of you readers are doing well. May the Creator of All bless you with adventures beyond your ken!