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Prism Book Tours: "Dragonwitch" Interview With Anne Elisabeth Stengl!

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As part of this exciting tour, I am hosting a section of a huge interview with Anne Elisabeth Stengl. Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this amazing book tour! :D

Questions and Answers With Anne Elisabeth Stengl

1. If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring three items, what would they be?
My husband. (He’s an item, right?) He’s FAR more resourceful than I am, so if I had him along, I think we might stand a chance at survival.
A lifetime’s supply of Ceylon tea. I’m going to assume that we’ll find a source of fresh water somewhere on this island. And maybe I’ll find some wild goats, and I’ll milk them so I can have cream in my tea . . .
My husband, Rohan, suggests that I bring a knife. I was going to say a notebook and pen. Do you see how much more resourceful he is?

2. Were there any characters that surprised you with how much love--or ire--they received from readers?
I won’t say I’ve been surprised by the passion Eanrin seems to inspire in readerly hearts. I’ve always been more than a little in love with him myself, and I suspected readers would respond the same. I’ve maybe been surprised by the extent of that passion, however, resulting in so many wonderful pieces of fan art, fan fiction, and fan mail directed at him. And he, of course, totally eats it up.
I was maybe a little more surprised at the ire my poor Princess Una inspired. While she is quite a silly little thing, I assumed most readers would recognize that, well, most teenage girls are silly little things (I know I was!) and usually take a few hard knocks to grow them up. But Una doesn’t get much sympathy from the readers, who often take a serious dislike to her. (Oddly enough, most readers don’t have a problem with the far more weak-willed and cowardly Prince Lionheart. Maybe we’re naturally more forgiving of men? An interesting—and slightly disturbing—line of thought, but I’ll not pursue that now . . . )

3. Any funny cat stories?
Lots! Here’s a good one:

4. Have you ever struggled with the question of whether or not you should be writing? If so, how did you deal with it?
Every time I write a novel, I struggle with that same question. The pressures of this business can be overwhelming. Even a single negative review can crush the spirit for days and days, leaving any writer wondering why they even bother.
But the love of these stories is so deep in my heart, they are as much a part of me as my own four limbs. I couldn’t not write them. And, having written, I would be selfish not to share for fear of rejection. For although not everyone will enjoy my stories, some people will be blessed by them. There are those who need these stories as much as I do.
I think of George MacDonald’s wonderful line from Phantastes: ““It is by loving, and not by being loved, that one can come nearest the soul of another.”  I write as an offering of love, and in giving that love, I am brought closer to those around me. I become more complete, more whole, the more I give of myself and my work. It’s not about receiving love in return. If it were, I wouldn’t be able to continue.
Thanks so much, Anne Elisabeth, for these fantastic, inspiring answers, especially to the last few questions!

Now, inspired by Hannah at The Writer's Window, I am going to include some special content. In keeping with the theme of cats (as I am a cat person as well), I decided to add some fluffiness to this post!

Cats (and a Dog): What They Can Teach Us
by Rebeka B.

My baby, Gingersnap (the rogue), and my sister's cat, Sara (the queen).

Cats are like books. For me, anyways. Sometimes they annoy you, sometimes they break your heart with their sweetness, and sometimes you just want to tear your hair out over them.

But always, always, they inspire love. And, like so many other things, they have a lot to teach us.

I can't tell you how many times I've been in a sour mood, only to go down to the cat room in our house and immediately feel refreshed as the kitties twined themselves around my legs or meowed for food. Cats, dogs--any pets, really--remind us that we're not the center of the universe. They remind us of our duty to steward the earth, to care for God's creatures.

And my dog, Oz (the klutz).
I loved learning that Anne Elisabeth was a pet person, and reading about her cats and dog on Minerva Louise's blog ( always brings a smile to my face. Animals have this way of bringing out the best and worst in us as human beings, forcing us to face our faults as well as encouraging us to bring the best we can to the table to take care of them.

They test our patience, they make us laugh, they bring us joy when the world seems too dark to bear. As I write this, I'm finally beginning to understand. Animals, in their innocence, reveal to us, on a certain level, our relationship with God.

How many times must we, in our ignorance and foolishness, have tested God? Yet, how many times must we have made Him laugh with our antics? Animals need us, as we need God. (Now, I'm not putting us on a level with God by any certain means; it's an analogy only). My cats (and dog) need me for food and water and love, just as I turn to my Heavenly Father for my daily bread and search His Word to better understand how He loves me. My pets would die without me. I would die without God.

Like in many other things that seem so simple at first, God reveals himself through the most basic of relationships: the ones in which one party relies so much on the other. Pets force us to realize there is an hierarchy, that we cannot get by on our own strength. Pets have much to offer us, as we have much to offer God by our obedience. But never is there a doubt who the master is. We are the 'masters' of our pets, which gives us a responsibility to listen to God as our Master.

We are God's sheep. He is our Shepherd.

But thankfully, the analogy of comparing our relationship with our pets to that of God and ourselves is flawed. Because here is perhaps one of the most wonderful lessons to take away from being a pet owner. The realization that pets are not on the same level as children, no matter how much we love them--and that we, as broken and sinful and repentant as we are, are graced to be called Children of God!

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Dragonwitch (Tales of Goldstone Wood #5)
Paperback, 432 pages
Published July 1, 2013 by Bethany House Publishers

Submissive to her father’s will, Lady Leta of Aiven travels far to meet a prospective husband she neither knows nor loves–Lord Alistair, future king of the North Country.

But within the walls of Gaheris Castle, all is not right. Vicious night terrors plague Lord Alistair to the brink of insanity. Whispers rise from the family crypt. The reclusive castle Chronicler, Leta’s tutor and friend, possesses a secret so dangerous it could cost his life and topple the North Country into civil war.

And far away in a hidden kingdom, a fire burns atop the Temple of the Sacred Flame. Acolytes and priestesses serve their goddess to the limits of their lives and deaths. No one is safe while the Dragonwitch searches for the sword that slew her twice…and for the one person who can wield it.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl makes her home in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, Rohan, a passel of cats, and one long-suffering dog. When she's not writing, she enjoys Shakespeare, opera, and tea, and studies piano, painting, and pastry baking. She studied illustration at Grace College and English literature at Campbell University. She is the author of HEARTLESS, VEILED ROSE, MOONBLOOD, and STARFLOWER, with DRAGONWITCH due to release in 2013. HEARTLESS and VEILED ROSE have each been honored with a Christy Award.

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