Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Problem With Valentine's Day

The problem with Valentine's Day isn't, as many singles surmise, that it exists--but that we singles have a problem with it. Why should we begrudge couples a chance to celebrate their love? Do dads denounce Mother's Day, or mothers moan about Father's Day? If you really want a day that makes you feel special, why not simply rally to create Singles' Day?

I just think we should stop complaining about it, and enjoy it for the candy and laugh at the mushy-cuteness of some people. Valentine's Day isn't meant to make singles feel inadequate, but give couples a chance to express themselves to one another. It's not all about us woeful, lonely people. And with so many girls saying they don't need guys nowadays, why should Valentine's Day bother them? They don't need it, right?

Just something to think about.

And now, in honour of this day, a poem:

The Path to Hello
He sees her walking down the hall
He knows her face but not her name
She has a nice smile
Sparkling eyes
And his heart tries to claw out from inside

She has a loud laugh; he can hear it from here
She's sitting on the far side of the cafeteria
His friends are saying something
Probably not that important
Dimly he hears chairs scrape back
All he knows is the echo of her laugh
When he returns to himself
His friends have left.

“You should talk to her,” they say.
He won't.
He's scrawny and artsy, not really her type
It's a risk he won't take
A cliff he won't leap from
A race he won't run
“Just say hello,” his sister says
When she finds out his secret
As all sisters do, with their spying ways
She's exasperated, they all are
But they don't understand
That he fears himself
That he's afraid
He's just not good enough
And when he says, “Hello”
Her sparkling eyes will dim
And she'll look at him like
He's as stupid as he feels

She sees him looking at her
Now and then
She looks away because she can't
They're from two different sides
Two different lives
She loves sports and the world outdoors
He's one of those film-nerd guys
But he opens doors for girls
And is quiet and polite
The sort of guy her mother would like
For her to bring home
When she glances back over her shoulder
He's gone.

Her friend says a joke
She laughs really loud
To see if he'll look
But it comes out like a crow's raucous croak
And she wonders how any boy could like a girl
Who sounds like she's perpetually choking

But she still sees him in the halls
They exchange nods and smiles
Sometimes his gaze is really intense
Or is she just making it up?
After all, he doesn't say a word to her
So maybe she's full of herself

But she likes the idea of him liking her
So maybe....she should just say hello?




Don't be stupid.
How absurd!
She's a jock, he's a nerd!
He'd probably look at her really strange
Then ask, what's her name again?

She has nothing to gain
(except him)
And everything to lose
(her pride)

Fear is so powerful here

And where fear is thick, I AM
I know the foolish pride of young hearts
Of chess pieces who refuse to play
Their part
So I must step in and change their course
To put them back on My Path
I make worlds and bring them together
I've made scales and stones and feathers
I'm not afraid of social standards
The world and everything in it
The first love story
--the one I orchestrated--
started with

Crap! He's late for class!

Shoot! She slept in!

He speed-walks down the hall

She runs.

This is no fun at all

She trips
Spills everything—coffee, books, papers
Splash, flutter, ugh
And here we go

He sees, slows

Keep going.
He kneels, gathers, looks up

He's here.
Don't say anything.
Shut up! She tells that silly voice
She smiles at him, feels a blush
Spread over her face

The red in her cheeks opens his mouth

Stripped are the labels
Nerd” and “jock”
Like it was at the start
Guy” and “girl”

The word pulses across his tongue
For a moment he clamps his mouth shut
It's a risk--

He says nothing
She panics
She smiles again
What else can she do?

She smiled! She smiled again!
like Jericho,
like paper
Fear un-becomes itself
The word breezes out

Like it did in that garden so long ago
Suspended in time, that word
Full of beauty and glory
Splendour and hope
The weight of the past
The eye of the future


Works every time

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! :D Enjoy some chocolate!